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I've spent years developing the best intolerance friendly versions of my favourite sweet treats. Suffering with food intolerances myself I embarked on a quest to improve my health and feel better but still eat my favourites treats and satisfy my sweet-tooth. The result is The Healthy Convert: Allergy-Friendly Sweet Treats.

In The Healthy Convert everyone can enjoy yummy treats, no matter what ingredient you need or want to avoid. I show you how to make delicious and scrumptious sweets while also teaching you how to convert recipes to be healthier, as well as how to adapt them to be gluten, dairy or cruelty free. In The Healthy Convert you will find a whole range of healthy alternative ingredients to replace white flour, refined sugar, eggs, and dairy products while still creating delicious treats.

More than 50 recipes are included that will appeal to anyone, including those who just want a healthier alternative. From Double Chocolate Cupcakes to Muesli Slices, The Healthy Convert will delight the many people who suffer from allergies and intolerances and help the many who want to adapt their favourite recipes to be healthier and suited to their lifestyles.

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