May Favourites

Here is something a little different from me that I hope you enjoy. At the end of each month, I’m going to post a blog that includes makeup and skincare products I’m currently loving, clothes I am dreaming about or lifestyle products I am obsessed with. All with clickable links so you can quickly shop if you love them too.

Some of the products may have a clickable link where I earn a small commission, but please remember I will only recommend products I truly adore.

Let’s get started!


I’m loving warm, neutral tones paired with crisp cotton or soft linen lately. You can layer with a knit if the weather is cool or your favourite tee if the sun is shining. I’m always attracted to effortless and easy wear styles that feel great on the body.

Skin & Body

These three items are staples in my beauty cupboard. If I am putting products on my skin I always try to opt for a more natural route. The less chemicals the better in my opinion. All three of these products are incredible, tried and tested and most of all Cruelty free, Natural and Vegan!


A chai flavoured powder that promotes healthy hair, skin and a goodnights sleep? Count me in! I like to pair the Beauty Sleep powder with some plant-based milk and enjoy right before bed. The grocery bag is a stylish eco alternative to the green bags you pick up at your nearest supermarket. Be sure to always pack these with you before leaving the house! Lastly the Chocolate Greens powder is the tastiest greens powder I have ever tried and believe me, I’ve tried them all! It doesn’t taste like pond water and I like to add it to my raw treats and smoothies for a superfood boost.